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Fun dance lessons & DJ service in San Diego

Nick & Megan

Nick & Megan danced a simplified version of Nightclub Two-Step to Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett.  We incorporated some fun moves during the choruses and added romance with Nick kneeling on one knee at the end of the chorus.  They took 6 one hour lessons and started 2 months before their wedding.

Kat, Jimmy, & her father Mark

Kat, Jimmy, and Kat's father Mark all took dance lessons.  For their first dance, Kat and Jimmy did a mashup of 5 songs including hip hop, Merengue, swing, and slow dancing.  Kat and her father chose a song from Jungle Book for a fun and easy swing-inspired dance.  Combined, they took 17 one hour lessons and started 4 months before their wedding.

Alicia and Cory

Alicia and Cory did a country waltz to Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs.  We kept it fun, yet simple so that they could stick to their budget and learn the whole dance in 4 forty-five minute lessons.  They started 2.5 months before their wedding.